Winners 2019

Results – LivCom 2019, Rome,Italy

Whole City Awards

Category A: Population up to 20,000
1st Silver: Birgu,Malta
2nd Bronze: Haapsalu,Estonia

Category B: Population 20,001-75,000
1st Gold: Águeda, Portugal
2nd Bronze: Kaposvar,Hungary
2nd Bronze: Jihlava Czech Republic
3rd Bronze: Larnaca,Cyprus

Category C: Population up to 75,001-150,000
1st Gold: St. Cloud, USA
2nd Silver: Jiangshan, China
3rd Silver: Tartu,Estonia

Category D: Population 150,001-400,000
1st Gold: Xicheng District, Beijing, China
2nd Gold: Bergen,Norway
3rd Bronze: Gdynia, Poland

Category E: Population over 400,000
1st Gold: Lisbon, Portugal
2nd Gold: Jinan, China
3rd Silver: Vienna,Austria

Criteria Awards
Enhancement of the Landscapes and Public Spaces: St. Cloud, USA
Arts, Culture and Heritage Management: St.Cloud,USA
Environmental Protection and Green Economy: Jinan,China
Community Participation and Empowerment: St.Cloud,USA

Technology and Solution Project Awards
1st Gold: Smart Energy Infrastructure&Technology: Assessing Community Preparedness for Residential Solar Uptake Australia
2nd Gold: Mobile Environmental Measurement Laboratory Using Electric Vehicles for Smart Cities Colombia
3rd Silver: Public Spaces and Urban Transition in Tirana City Albania
4th Bronze: A Comparative Study of Spanish mid-sized Smart Cities from the Citizen’s perspective Spain
5th Bronze: An overview of 100 Resilient Cities Network-The case of Amman
6th Bronze: Using Urban Climate Modelling To Support Climate Adaptation In Small-to-Medium-Sized Cities in Austria

Environmental Sustainability Project Awards
1st Gold:The Green Loop,Saint-Etienne,France
2nd Silver:OekoBusiness Vienna,Austria
3rd Bronze:Renovation of Haapsalu Castle,Estonia
3rd Bronze:RiDiamo, Recycling and reuse project for urban wastes,Italy
Bronze: Al Sayeda Aisha Heritage Square Project ,Egypt