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LivCom Finalists 2023

The 2023 LivCom Awards Finals will be held at the University of Malta, Valletta, Malta from 30 May to 2 June 2023 inclusive. This year’s Finals will be organized by the LivCom Committee and the International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA), in collaboration with the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) and the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), and hosted by the University of Malta and Birgu Government.

Up until early April, a total of 22 cities and 33 projects from 24 countries have been invited to the Finals.

For the Whole City Award, Population Categories A, B, C and D Presentations must not exceed 40 mins and Population Category E Presentations must not exceed 55 mins. For the Single Category of Cities, Presentations must not exceed 15 mins. The time permitted for the presentation of Environmentally Sustainable Projects is no more than 30 mins; while the Technology and Solution Project is within 15 mins.

Finalists - Whole City   Country   Category  
Lidzbark Poland A
Mizhi Community Chinese Taipei A
Águeda Portugal B
Villach Austria B
Sharm El Sheikh Egypt C
Torres Vedras Portugal C
Putrajaya Malaysia C
Braga Portugal D
Gdynia Poland D
George Town City Malaysia D
Ljubljana Slovenia D
Yangxin County PR China D
Eskişehir Turkey E
Katowice Poland E
Lodz Poland E
Davao Philippines E
Xinyang PR China E
Narayanganj Bangladesh E
Basque Spain E
Abu Dhabi UAE E
Dubai UAE E
Avcilar Turkey E

Project Section (ESPA and TSA)   Country  
Revitalization of Ostrów Wielkopolski- Green& Blue Revolution of the City
Águeda Smart City Lab
LIFE CWR Costal Wetland Restoration
Centre of the Golovec District, City of Ljubljana
Sustainable revitalization of Ljubljana tailored to people: expansion and up-scaling of the central pedestrian zone
The Old Continent
Film Rendezvous with Coffee and Talk for Senior Audiences
Tirana, Grand Park of Artificial Lake
SempreVerdi-Green Workshops for the Elderly
Abu Dhabi Public Beach Garden
Alacaatlı Recycling Centre
Citywide Supply of Purified Drinking Water
Yellow River International Eco-city in Qihe County, China
PR China
Putrajaya Lake and Wetland- a Nature-based Solution for Improving Environmental Quality, Health and Wellbeing
Putrajaya Command Center: a Holistic and Collaborative Approach to a City Command Centre
JW Eco-Technology: Revolutionary Infrastructure for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Chinese Taipei
Issues in the Transportation System in Kochi, India
The 15-Minute City's Part in Promoting Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Transportation
Lessons from Smart Transportation Initiatives to Improve Bengaluru Intra Urban Mobility: a Global Perspective
Service contracting and the reform of informal transport during the Covid-19 pandemic
Hydronic Heating of Parking Areas instead of Mechanical Clearing of Snow and Ice  
The regional analysis of transportation with two factors; population and wealth
The facilitating role of passenger transport and population densification for economic growth: A South African case study
South Africa
Mobility Management Towards a Sustainable Campus: Users Behavior and Attitudes the Case Study at University of Messina
Urban ropeway as public transport service and touristic development opportunity
GIS as a Tool for Measuring the Centrality of Transportation Networks in Budapest City
A Hybrid Fuzzy Methodology to Evaluate Service Quality of Public Buses: Case Study of Ring Road of Kathmandu Valley”
Analysis of participation of heavy vehicles in a supply chain and their impact on road users safety in Sarajevo
Development of a wind turbine to recharge a vehicle's battery
Criteria for Hyperloop technology successful implementation
Sustainable Development in Low Carbon, Cleaner and Greener Energies and the Environment
Streets Magnitude : An Approach for Measuring Accessibility and Transportation Potential using Space Syntax
Pedestrian Sustainable Space and Color in Tirana