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What's the LivCom awards

About LivCom Awards

LivCom is non-political, embracing all nations and cultures, and over 70 countries are represented within the Awards.

LivCom History

The LivCom Awards were launched in 1997 and is the World’s major Awards Competition focusing on International Best Practice regarding the . . .

Category of Awards

The LivCom Awards are divided into Whole City Award, Project Award and Technology and Solution Award.


Communities of different sizes and in different cultures have different structures and responsibilities.

Whole City Award

Whole City Award

There are five population categories in the LivCom Awards. Communities are not compared against others within their population category but are judged as . . .

Project Award

Project Award

Eligible Projects will be those that have been completed within the past two years, or those of which a significant proportion has been completed.

Technology and Solution Award

Technology and Solution Award

The objective of the Technologies and Solution Award is to explore the excellent “technologies” and “solutions” in promoting the sustainable development of cities and communities.

About The LivCom Awards 2023 & FAQs

Deadline for Registration and Written Submission of LivCom Awards 2023 is adjusted as 31 March.

The LivCom Finals 2023 will be co-organized by the LivCom Committee and the United Nations International Institute on Ageing (UN-INIA),in collaboration with the United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD) and the International Society of City and Regional Planners(ISOCARP).

Hosted by the University of Malta, Valletta Campus and Birgu Local Council,the Finals will be held in Malta on 30 May- 2 June 2023.This year's LivCom Awards and Forum focus on age-friendly theme.The International Forum on Age-friendly and Liveable Cities and the International Technical Conference on Urban Transit and Sustainable Network will be organized concurrently.

For further information,please pay attention to the releases on the website.

When will the LivCom Finals be held in 2023?

It will be held at the University of Malta, Valletta Campus and Birgu, Malta on 30 May- 2 June 2023.

Is there any fees for participating in the LivCom Awards?

Participation in the competition is free of charge. However, you will be responsible for covering your round-trip travel, accommodation and personal expenses.

What are the requirements for submissions?

For Whole City Award, the initial written submission should consist of: Maximum of 4,500 words in English – not including titles/tables/headers etc. Maximum of 24 photographs to be captioned and dated. The submission should show how your city is addressing each of the six criteria and practical age-friendly measures are encouraged to be included in the Written Submission.

For Project and T&S Awards, the word limit for a Submission is 3,000, not counting photo captions, maps, tables, diagrams etc., together with up to 10 captioned photographs.

Please check more requirements on the website.

How many representatives are allowed for the final Presentation?

If the Submissions pass the preliminary evaluation and the applicants are shortlisted in the Finals, a maximum of three representatives for Whole City Award and a maximum of two representatives for Project Award and Technology and Solution Award will be permitted to make the Presentation, plus an interpreter if required. At the end of each Presentation, the Judges will ask questions.

During the Finals Presentations, the Jury encourage candidates of Whole City Award further explain how your city care for ageing group, improve wellbeing of older people and promote active ageing in a few or even the entire Six Judging Criteria.

How to sign up for the competition?

You can register by submitting your information via the website or sending the registration form to info@livcomsawards.org.

Mayors’ Comments on the LivCom Awards

latest brief news


Important Notice:The 21st LivCom Finals will be postponed to April-May 2023.

The 21st LivCom Finals originally scheduled in December 2022 will be postponed to April-May 2023


Call for Entries of the 21st LivCom Awards Has Been Officially Launched.

The International Awards for Liveable Communities 2022 (LivCom Awards) is now open for registration.


The First Online LivCom Awards Is On December 6-8, 2021

First Online International Livcom Awards will take place between 6-8 December 2021.We look forward to meeting you.