Previous Nations in Bloom Award Winners 2000

Category A Population up to 10,000
Category B Population 10,001 - 50,000
Category C Population 50,001 - 300,000
Category D Population over 300,000

Category A
First Place Wainfleet, Canada
Second Place Broughshane, Northern Ireland
Third Place Saltburn by the Sea, UK

Category B

First Place Bury St Edmonds, UK
Second Place Elmhurst Park District, USA
Third Place Fairhope, USA

Category C
First Place City of Westminster, UK
Second Place Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Third Place Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Category D
First Place Yokosuka, Japan
Second Place Colorado Springs, USA
Third Place Perm, Russia

Category E
First Place Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China
Second Place Phoenix, USA
Third Place Chicago Park District, USA

Best in Criteria of Enhancement of the Landscape
Barnstaple, UK

Best in Criteria of Heritage Management
Banska Stiavnica, Slovak Republic

Best in Criteria of Environmentally Sensitive Practices
Ptuj, Slovenia

Best in Criteria of Community Involvement
Broughshane, Northern Ireland

Best in Criteria of Planning for the Future
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands