The Livcom Awards 2007

The City of Westminster is in the heart of London - stretching from Pimlico in the south to Queen’s Park in the northwest, home to the monarchy, government and world-renowned shopping and entertainment districts in the West End as well as a residential population approaching a quarter of a million.

With the fastest growing population in the UK - over 28 million visits from tourists per year and a thriving entrepreneurial talent of 47,000 businesses – we, like you, face huge challenges; but amidst the complexity of this buzzing metropolis we have one unifying vision – One City.

One City is our 5-year Programme to deliver strong communities supported by excellent council services. One of its four themes, Renewal, is the driving force behind the enhancement of the urban environment in Westminster.

One City Renewal Programmes have been a catalyst for an array of improvements in the City, with many areas seeing new beginnings as a result of regeneration, improved infrastructure, streetscape projects and enhancements to open spaces. The cornerstone of our approach is partnership working and engagement with the community - with the council delivering projects that make London a better place to live and work for all.

We are proud to host the Awards in 2007 at a time when the majority of the world’s population now live in urban areas and city life is the norm. We believe there is a huge desire to share ideas and implement solutions between different cities and across continents, which is the principle at the core of LivCom - giving city managers unique opportunities to work together.

Welcome to Westminster 2007
Sir Simon Milton
Westminster City Council
Trafalgar Square