The Results 2007

Full results:


Category A

1st Clonakilty, Ireland (Gold Award)

2nd St Walburg, Canada (Silver Award)

3rd Lytham, UK (Silver Award)

Bronze Award

Category B

1st Kladno, Czech Republic (Gold Award)

2nd St Cloud, USA (Gold Award)

3rd Chrudim, Czech Republic

Silver Award

Category C

1st Ipswich, Australia (Gold Award)

2nd Richmond, Canada (Gold Award)

3rd Oshawa, Canada (Gold Award)

Silver Award

Category D

1st Malmo, Sweden (Gold Award)

2nd Lyon, France (Gold Award)

3rd Toledo, USA (Silver Award)

Silver Award

Category E

1st Wujin District, Changzhou, China (Gold Award)

2nd= Arriyadh City, Saudi Arabia (Bronze Award)

2nd = City of Johannesburg, South Africa (Bronze Award)

3rd Abuja, Nigeria (Bronze Award)

Criteria awards (judged across all population categories)

Community sustainability, St Walburg, Canada

1.    Enhancement of the Landscape, Lyon, France

2.    Heritage Management, Manukau, New Zealand

3.    Environmentally Sensitive Practices, Gran Canaria, France

4.    Healthy Lifestyles, Richmond, Canada 

5.    Planning For the Future, St Cloud, USA

Project categories

Built Projects

1st King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, Saudi Arabia (Gold Award)

2nd Flat Bush Town, Manukau, New Zealand (Gold Award)

3rd The Radisson SAS, Malta (Gold Award)

Silver Awards

Bronze Awards

Natural Projects

1st Dorothy Nyembe Education Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (Gold Award)

2nd Wadi Hanifah Restoration, Arriyadh City, Saudi Arabia (Gold Award)

3rd Ivory Park, Johannesburg, South Africa (Gold Award)

Gold Awards

Silver Awards

Bronze Awards

Chinese Built Projects

1st Beijing Riverside (Gold Award)

2nd Arcadia (Gold Award)

3rd Sanshen Center Park (Silver Award)

The 2007 Individual Award for contribution to the creation of environmentally sustainable and community based housing developments.

Mr. Wang Shi

* The colour of an award DOES NOT indicate the communities final placing – it is a standard. So Gold is excellent but DOES NOT mean first place – it is possible to come 2nd and win a Gold award.