Mayor Li Yu QuanThe Livcom Awards 2008

In 2008, Beijing City – China will host the 29th Olympic Games and Dongguan City – China will host the International Liveable Communities Award. In the meantime, Dongguan will celebrate the 1,250th anniversary of its foundation. Having been awarded First Place and receiving a Gold medal at the International Awards for Liveable Communities in 2006, it is a great honour for Dongguan to be able to host the LivCom Awards.

Dongguan is located where the Zhujiang River reaches the South China Sea. Its total area is 2,465 square kilometers with a total population reaching 6.5 million. Dongguan has natural and ecological advantages due to its privileged geographic position, where rivers, sea, and mountains come together.

Dongguan is renowned for being home to numerous delicious fruits native to the South of the Five
Ridges area. Dongguan is rich in lychee, banana, and longan. The City’s green coverage rate of 45% and its 16 forests parks, make Dongguan a characteristic Garden City in the Pearl River Delta.

Dongguan was one of the places where the South of Five Ridges civilization originated in China, with a documented history of civilization that dates back more than 5,000 years. Its abundant heritage, seen in numerous relic sites, reveal the mysterious and beautiful stories of the city. Dongguan was also one of the first places in all of China to have established relations with foreign countries. The incense of China Eaglewood, which Dongguan was renowned for, was an important commodity for the ancient “Silk Road of the Seas”, thus giving Hong Kong its name.

Dongguan, which is a famous City for modern manufacturing industry, is a City full of vitality,
glamour, and hope. It is here where ancient and modern civilizations fuse, giving Dongguan its
magnificent splendor.

Dongguan’s spirit summarizes its vision: ‘To be as welcoming as the sea to which the rivers flow,
with deeply rooted ethics and pragmatism”. Dongguan is the place where Eastern and Western
culture blend to create a superior culture.

The beautiful city of Dongguan sincerely welcomes you to visit.

Dongguan Municipal Government
Mayor Li Yu Quan